About us

VISION: To be leader in Refrigeration Technology

MISSION: Innovate and apply new science and technology to create the best value for our customers through the implementation of quality projects with the most competitive prices.

Operating in Refrigeration since 2003, with skilled and experienced engineers, we have been always creating and applying new technology to create the best solutions for saving your time, energy and cost. RiTa specialize in design and install of the following services:

  1. Ice Making Machine: Tube ice and block ice
  2. Packing Scale
  3. Cooling Storage, Cold Storage
  4. Freezers System
  5. Deep Freezing System
  6. Air Conditioner and Air Conditioner System
  7. Industrial Boiler System
  8. Pure Drinking Water Treatment System
  9. Chiller
  10. Spare Part

HOTLINE: 0822665588